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Are you and your partner divorcing?

If so, you’ll need to decide what happens with your property—including your home. Making a decision regarding the home can be difficult if you don’t know its value. As such, it can be beneficial to get a home appraisal from a professional. If you’re searching for house valuation services near Aldie, VA, then consider reaching out to us. We’re prepared to provide you with professional service from beginning to end.
Why Get a Divorce Appraisal?

Usually, when two individuals get divorced, one of two things will happen with the house. The house can be sold—and the proceeds divided—or one individual could buy out the other to continue living in the house. Regardless, it’s beneficial to get a divorce appraisal so that you can use the property value estimate to make a decision. You’ll need to have a well-supported appraisal document to submit to the judge—so reach out to us for assistance.

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